We designed wayfinding, wall paintings, decorated lockers and doors to the lock room for Mudra.

We were inspired to stencil clouds on the walls because the school is located on the building’s third floor. We wanted to create a parallel between climbing the staircase leading to the school and ascending a mountain: just as a mountain pathway is shrouded in clouds, so the walls around the staircase are lined by this pattern.

The lotus is one of Mudra’s symbols and greets patrons at the door.

The reception is spacious and the main wayfinders are located right at the entrance so that clients can easily navigate the space.

The entrances to the locker rooms are marked not only by a sign on the door but also by a pattern on the walls around it.

Decorative patterns are applied to the upper cabinets.

This design invites clients to further meditate and find harmony in the soul after their practice.

Small and large studios.