In the logo, the turbine tip is likened to a candy cane. This tip is often drilled teeth. And in breve the letter "Y" is the crown of the tooth.

We applied our candy cane concept to other representations of dental tools; this became the basis of our corporate graphics.

Different versions of the logo: full-color and monochrome, with and without a descriptor.

Motivational stickers that say "I'm good!" are given to girls and boys to encourage proper dental hygiene habits. The sticker "My tooth is sleeping" is given to children who have undergone dental procedures with anaesthetic: the time after which they can eat and drink is written on the sticker. Extracted teeth are put into packages that children can take home, with a “Tooth in boots” sticker.

Dr. Sergey Kalitka with a patient.

Advice booklet for care following tooth removal. Bright and colorful, easy to read and contains only essential information.